What are Biometrics?

Biometrics are the computerized analysis of the jaw joints and related muscles using a set of tools known as the BioPAK.

The BioPAK is an invaluable set of tools which enable Dr. Henderson to fully investigate the structures that make up what is known as the masticatory system. By knowing the state of health, or lack of health, in the jaw joints (TMJ's) and muscles, we are able to treat problems before they reach the "point of no return".

The BioPAK consists of 3 components:
JawTracker3D - for analyzing the exact movements of the jaw to assess range of motion, deviations and deflections to opening and closing.
Join Vibration Analysis (JVA) - to assess joint noises and diagnose intracapsular diseases.
Electromyography (EMG) - to assess the health of the muscles that move the jaw joint.

Why use Biometrics?

Biometrics give us information about your TMJ's and muscles throughout the full range of movement of your jaw. This is in contrast to X-Rays, CT scans or even MRI's. While valuable in their own right, they only show the jaw open or closed. Biometrics tell us what happens in between open and closed, giving us a much more thorough diagnosis.